OK well let’s start with a confession – football and kitchens aren’t the perfect marriage. In fact there’s very little correlation between football and kitchens but for one glorious and hopeful month in the summer of 2018, there was…


Football’s Finished, Kitchens Commence


Unless you’ve been living in North Korea for the last six weeks (where according to the comedy propaganda they feed their citizens, they beat France 14-0 in the final with Great Successor Kim Jong-un scoring 11 and assisting the other three for his eight year-old daughter) you’ll have been caught up in World Cup fever.

Given their age and inexperience, the England squad was billed as nothing much more than a development squad for the Euros in 2020 and the Qatar World Cup in 2022, but didn’t our boys do well! Certainly at least one round – and even two – better than anyone thought.

We found a true star in Kieron Trippier and Harry Kane did what Harry Kane does. Jordan Pickford was a risk but one that more than paid off and what about Harry Maguire? Three years ago he could barely get a game on loan at Wigan and a few weeks ago he scored a goal in a World Cup quarter-final and was absolutely central to our progression through the tournament.


Kitchens & Football?


We know what you’re thinking – what on earth does England’s (partial) success at the World Cup have to do with kitchens?

The link is tenuous, granted, but it’s more to do with the changing mood of a nation that Southgate and his men have conferred upon us.

If we can put the horrors of Brexit, Trump, Novichok and Love Island to one side for a blissful moment, England’s exploits have given the country a renewed sense of optimism about what’s possible and that fervour and excitement has transferred itself to a humble kitchen showroom in Radlett.

We recall a similar outpouring of desire for new kitchens after that unforgettable Saturday night at London 2012 when Jess Ennis, Greg Rutherford and Mo Farah made the Olympic Stadium explode.

What is it about British sporting success and wanting a new kitchen? We have a theory.

A new kitchen is not an annual purchase. For most it’s something that’s considered every five years and not actioned for ten and so there has to be a trigger and it seems that sporting success is that trigger.

Is one partner playing on the good mood of the other? Is it even that Machiavellian? Perhaps, but whatever the root cause, people are coming into our showroom with smiles on their faces. In fact to compound the correlation, the salt and pepper sets and the plastic apples on the display kitchens are often rearranged into the forward-thinking 5-3-2 formation.

Visits to kitchen showrooms have never been so much fun! Why don’t you try it this weekend?

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24th July 2018

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