NOTE: Before we start, if you read all the way to the end we have something VERY special for you…..

The Bake Off’s Back!

Aaaaaaand…..relax. The nation’s most famous kitchen is back on TV.

The Great British Bake Off returned to our screens this week and we’re over the moon it’s back!

Paul Hollywood is his usual slick self, Prue Leith has been banned from using her mobile phone for the entirety of the show’s 10-episode run, Sandi Toksvig is at her brilliantly funny best and Noel Fielding looks like he’s making ends meet as an Elvis/kd lang mash-up tribute act.

Biscuit Week saw Imelda leave the tent and Manon crowned Star Baker and over the following nine weeks, we’ll see tears, triumphs, technical tests and traybakes as well as the first vegan week and in honour of Sandi, a week celebrating all things Denmark. Odds on one of the challenges being Danish pastries?

Anyway, back to the Bake Off kitchen.

Want One? It’s Not As Impossible As You Think…

Aside from the infrequent switch between appliance brands (Kenwood replaced KitchenAid at one point and it looks like the SMEG fridge/freezers have been replaced with similarly retro but less in-your-face models from Servis), chopping and processing remains the job of Mary Berry favourite Magimix, whisking is the domain of Dualit and the mixing bowls are from Mason Cash.

Of course there’s also the oven we all wish we had – the Neff Steam Slide & Hide which is paired with Neff’s proving drawer and if you look closely at the back, the retro cream micros are from Swan.

So, the Bake Off tent has remained virtually identical for series after series but with the show growing in popularity year after year, it’s taken on a life of its own.

In the same way people used to go into the hairdressers and ask for the latest David Beckham or Jennifer Aniston style, people are coming into the showroom and asking for a Bake Off island.

When most people hear the words ‘kitchen island’, the initial thought is that of a 10,000 square feet footballer’s mansion. But, if you look closely at the Bake Off tent, the footprint of the island isn’t big at all. Everything is self-contained within it and in fact, it’s relatively straightforward to recreate (and the best bit is that you don’t have to play for a Premier League football club).

We’ve done quite a few small islands over the last 2-3 years and we only have one deal-breaker before we agree to do them – if you want a Bake Off-style island, we insist on sampling your Bake Off-style cakes and biscuits in the Wilson Fink showroom.


And Finally…

At the beginning, we promised you something VERY special.

German kitchen and bathroom firm Ninka have released what could quite possible the best kitchen accessory in the world – the Qanto.

Even if we tried to explain it we wouldn’t do it justice so just have a look at this YouTube video and marvel in its awesomeness!

Call us on + 44 (0) 1923 856 449 to arrange an appointment, email us on or if you’re local, pop into the showroom at 339 Watling Street, Radlett, Herts, WD7 7LB and we will look after you.

3rd September 2018

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