Now, we know what you’re thinking. Given that we are north-west London’s premier kitchen company, are we talking about a physical table or are we talking about what’s on it?

Good question.

If you’re one of the hundreds of our clients who have a Wilson Fink kitchen, whether it’s a precision-engineered German masterpiece from Beeck or Kuhlmann or a beautifully hand-crafted, British-made artisan kitchen from our own Relish range, you will have chosen a table to complement the heartbeat of your home.

It’s an old cliché but it’s true – Christmas seems to come round faster and faster each year. The first rumblings are the emails we get in August, then at the start of September the supermarkets are piling huge tubs full of sweets and chocolates at the end of every aisle and then come mid-October, the staff are all wearing Santa hats and Away In A Manger is streaming on an endless loop from the sound systems.

But commercialism aside, Christmas is a time for the family to gather around the table and feast like never before (well, like last Christmas when we all say ‘I’m never eating that much again…’), but what should that table look like?


Is There Such A Thing As The Perfect Christmas Table?


We’ll tell you now that the answer is no. Of course there isn’t. What’s perfect for one is decidedly imperfect for another but what everyone can agree on is that this year there’s no excuse for not being prepared with this handy guide!

So, the tree is dressed, the stockings are hanging up, the lights are doing wonders for your electricity bill and you’ve spent way too much on food you only ever buy at Christmas but no-one eats including brazil nuts, Brussels sprouts, candied peel and cheese with fruit in it.

All you’ve got left to do is dress the table. A random scattering of cheap crackers and a couple of tea lights ain’t gonna cut it. It’s time to up your game…

Be Prepared
You’ve got enough to do on Christmas morning, including keeping your fingers crossed your oven is big enough to jam the turkey into. On Christmas Eve (during the day before you’ve had a few cheeky sherries), lay the table with your place settings, make sure you’ve got enough knives, forks and spoons and clean the watermarks off the wine glasses.

Theme the Table
A Christmas table – like your Wilson Fink kitchen – needs a colour theme. It makes the table look festive and refined. Classic choices are reds and whites but there’s no reason you can’t go a little ‘off piste’ and opt for purple, green or shocking pink.

Place Setting Confusion
This is always a bone of contention. The rule of thumb for cutlery is ‘outside to inside’, meaning the cutlery for the first course is on the outside and the cutlery for the main course is closest to the plate with forks on the left and knives on the right. Dessert spoons (or forks, or both) go horizontally across the top of the plate.

The Centrepiece
An eye-catching centrepiece is the crowning glory of your perfect Christmas table but you need to be acutely aware of three things.

1. Bigger doesn’t mean better. A stylish candelabra or statement candlesticks work very well, as do small wreaths or neatly arranged flowers but a full nativity scene complete with manger, stable block, animals, wise men and a solar system suspended from the ceiling may be a little over the top…

2. Safety first. If you’re using candlesticks or a candelabra, make sure the actual candles are the highest point of the table. Christmas decorations are usually extremely flammable and if one catches, it will all go up like fireworks. The only flames you want round the table are when dad lights the brandy on the Christmas pudding.

3. Leave room. A beautifully-dressed table is a sight to see but it can easily be overdone. Don’t attempt to jam every single Christmas decoration you’ve ever owned onto the table because the fundamental reason for having a table in the first place gets lost, i.e. to put huge bowls of food and bottles of wine on.

Make It Personal
There’s nothing more warming (aside from a cheeky pre-lunch snifter) than sitting down to lunch and in front of you is a handwritten place setting or a personalised bauble, cracker or gift. After all, Christmas is the season of giving…


The Most Important Thing About Your Perfect Christmas Table


After your imagination has run wild and your Christmas table is as perfect as you’d like it to be, take a photo of the table from 40 different angles because as we all know, if photographic evidence is not posted on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram within 45 seconds, it didn’t happen.

Lastly, remember this – tis the season to be jolly, regardless of how loud your uncle snores, regardless of how much gin your auntie drinks and regardless of how much mess there is to clear up when everyone’s gone home!


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29th November 2018

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