We design, build, configure and fit contemporary and classic kitchens in small apartments through to some of the biggest private homes in the southeast but this month, rather than tell you about the kitchens, we thought we’d have a bit of fun!

There’s one thing having a beautiful Wilson Fink kitchen but (arguably) more so than any other room in the house, it’s a place for creativity, efficiency and great ideas and to help you along, here are some of the best kitchen life-hacks we’ve ever read.

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Are you ready to have your world transformed?


  1. Write in your cookbooks Your soup needed more vegetables, salt or herbs? The fish needed five more minutes in the oven? Write it down. Plus, cookbooks full of scribbles look cooler!


  1. Make pickles, don’t buy them Whisk salt, sugar and white vinegar in a jar with a lid. Bung in thinly-sliced vegetables. Wait half an hour (or weeks). Eat with crusty bread and good cheese.


  1. Get your knives sharpened At least once a year, get your kitchen knives professionally sharpened. It will make your chopping quicker, more precise and safer.


  1. Always have parchment paper handy Fed up of vegetables sticking to tin foil? Bored of scraping fish off the bottom of the baking tray leaving half of it there? Parchment isn’t just for 17th century scribes. It works a treat.


  1. Change your kitchen sponge When was the last time you did? If you can’t remember, go to the shops NOW and get some spares. If it’s dirty and smelly, think what it’s doing to your plates.


  1. Keep your cheese rinds When you’ve eaten the lovely cheese (with your fresh pickles, see #2), freeze the rinds and chuck them into soups and stews for an added richness of flavour.


  1. Overcrowding pans = soggy food Too much in a saucepan or frying pan only leads to it steaming rather than the desired effect which is presumably crisp veg and meat with a char. Unless you want limp, steamed food that is.


  1. Toast your nuts and spices A couple of minutes in a dry frying pan on a high heat will wake up your nuts and spices and make them taste much nuttier and much spicier. It will also make your kitchen smell delicious!


  1. Ignore recipes that call for chocolate chips… And use a bar of chopped-up chocolate instead. It tastes better and creates uneven pockets of melted chocolate through cakes, muffins and cookies.


  1. Store salad leaves properly Don’t seal the bag with one of those clip things like most of us do. Put a paper towel in the bag to absorb the moisture and the salad will stay crisp and keep for longer.


  1. Bake in glass dishes For one thing glass ensures a far more even bake than metal tins and second, there are few better sights in the kitchen than a bubbling shepherd’s pie or lasagne that’s crispy on top and ready to eat!


  1. Oil, salt, roast That’s the order for vegetables, always. Salt them first and the oil washes it all away. Oil first and the seasoning sticks.


  1. Keep veg peelings Put them in a bag in the freezer and when you reach critical mass, they will make a rich and flavourful stock. Much tastier than anything you can buy, and it costs you nothing.


  1. Make your own croutons Cube some bread that’s a few days old, toss it around with some salt, pepper and olive oil (and anything else you like, e.g. garlic, herbs etc) and bake in the oven until they’re golden brown. Perfect for soups and salads.


  1. Air-dry birds Unwrap your chicken, turkey, goose or pheasant, salt the skin and leave it uncovered in the fridge for a few hours before cooking. The skin will go super-crispy and crunchy.


  1. Buy ice-cube trays Cubes from the dispenser in your fridge melt very quickly and water down your drinks. Ice made in silicon moulds are much denser and will keep your drinks colder (and less watery) for longer.


  1. Stop your guacamole going brown Put leftovers in a container and before you seal it, put a very thin layer of water over it. The water stops the avocado reacting with oxygen and it stays fresh and green for much longer.


  1. Stop the eggshell nightmare You no longer have to spend an eternity fishing bits of egg shell out of the bowl with a spoon. Simply wet your finger and the bit of shell will stick to it.


  1. How to clean your microwave Tired of bits of previously exploded baked beans all over your microwave? Mix vinegar and water in a Pyrex dish and microwave for a few minutes, it will loosen the baked-on food and make the cleaning much easier.


  1. Keep some fruit separate Bananas, avocados and peaches continue to ripen after being picked and give off ethylene gas which acts like a ripening hormone on other produce.


Can you add to this list? What kitchen life hacks have transformed your life? You’re doing a huge public service by letting us know!

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26th March 2018

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